Deanna Mannix at Money Catch
Money Catch Private Investigator & Unclaimed Money Professional


Money Catch will help you find and claim unclaimed money that is rightfully yours. In Australia there is a total of over twenty billion dollars waiting to be claimed.

Money Catch are Licensed Private Investigators and Unclaimed Money Professionals that have been operating in Australia for over 10 years.

There is 43% chance YOU lost your Money. 4 in 10 Australians have Unclaimed Money owing to them.


Deanna is an accomplished Licenced Private Investigator.  

Deanna has worked on the New Money Catch Unclaimed Money Database online. Australia's One & Only Largest Unclaimed Money Database. Her team of experts has brought all the unclaimed money databases together into one location where you can now search one spot for all unclaimed Money in Australia and New Zealand.

The team at Money Catch search/investigate and locate people that have unclaimed money owing to them World Wide.

Millions of Dollars are owing in Unclaimed Money that are currently being left to the way side and finally are being absorbed into revenue. Our aim is that Money Catch brings great awareness to the industry and help for people trying to locate their money.


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Prior 2015

Deanna Mannix has over 20 years experience as an executive personal assistant and has a wide range of office management, design, administration skills and system processors.

Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service started in the year 2006 as a partnership, after becoming aware that individuals and companies were foregoing increasing sums of money without being notified by regulatory bodies. Due to her professional service and experience in the field the demand for their service became excessive and they transitioned quickly to a Company trading as AURFS Pty Ltd.

Deanna specialises in Skip tracing and has completed the Locating Persons Certificate in 2009 with the Australian School of Security and Investigations and is currently undergoing Certificate III in Investigative Services. As an appointed JP, Deanna has a duty of care in relation to the documents witnessed and certified and is obligated to follow correct procedures.

Since the beginning Deanna has been responsible for recovering millions of dollars for AURFS Pty Ltd, wherever they may be. Deanna takes pride in assisting clients in gaining back what is rightfully theirs.

Outside of work, Deanna enjoys travel and spending time with her husband and three children.